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Kitties and Catnip

One of the vendors at Pennsic sells some really cute cat toys, stuffed with catnip. I had never given the cats catnip before so I was not sure how they were going to react.

As soon as I got home and put my basket down, however, I got my answer. 

I only got 3 of them since I wasn’t sure how the kitties would react. Apparently, I hadn’t bought enough.

And then Sasha took them all!

All in all, the toys were a hit.  Not that I have any clue where they are now but at least I know they like catnip!

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Crafty Monday – Adventures in Inkle Weaving

I have been doing inkle commissions for trade recently. I much prefer that to using money. Materials and time I have. Money, not so much, especially with the wedding planning.

The most recent is for a friend of mine in Canada. She fell in love with a purple and green belt I made and wanted to add one more color and have it in stripes. So once I finalized the pattern with her, I warped the loom! All in all, it should be roughly 5 yards, enough to wrap around her twice with some tails.

Of course, as it goes with all things crafty, it isn’t a true crafting project unless something goes wrong. I usually experience this with warping a thread the wrong way or running out of a certain color. So you can imagine my surprise when the whole thing warped up beautifully!  Yay!  No adventures!


A yard into the weaving and my tension rod snapped. Doh!

So now it is on hold until I get the materials together to fix it. Fun times!

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Pennsic Bound!

Every July/August, the SCA has a 2 week long event in Slippery Rock, PA, called Pennsic.

Kress, Robyn, Pug and I hopped into the truck late Wednesday afternoon so by the time this post actually goes live, we will be somewhere around Texarkana.

This means this blog will go dark until after the 12th of August. I hope you all have a great week!  Have fun, be safe and see you on the flip side! :D

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Wordless Wednesday – Fierceness!

Ready for date night!


Animal House Tuesday – Sadie!

Sadie was being overly cute this week. She has developed this habit of hiding under the curtains and I finally caught her looking adorable.

Darth Sadie! @dogsofinstagram

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Crafting Monday – Black and Green Boot Garters

This past week I did up another quick commission. Just a simple black and green band for boot garters.

I have some commissions coming up that are fairly complicated color wise, upwards of 5 – 6 colors which is much more than I have done before but I am looking forward to the challenge!

Monette Garter Commission

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Wedding Bliss – Honeymoon

If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile now, you may remember that a couple years ago, some friends and I took a cruise to Alaska. After some discussion, we decided to do that again! Yes, I am taking friends with me on my honeymoon. After all, it’s not like they are going to be in my cabin!

So the other day, we booked a cruise to Jamaica! So excited! We were able to get a deal through American Airlines that required us to pay $125 to book it versus the regular $500. AA would then pay Royal Caribbean the $500 and we would pay the $400 back to AA between now and February along with the rest of the cruise cost.

This will help quite a bit because starting in Oct/Nov, Kress will start working at the game processing center and that is when a lot of the major wedding purchases will be paid off. Not to mention all the OT I get during the holidays.

SO EXCITED!  It looks like our overall travel plan is pretty cool:

Day 1 Galveston, Texas
Day 2 Cruising
Day 3 Cozumel, Mexico
Day 4 George Town, Grand Cayman
Day 5 Falmouth, Jamaica
Day 6 Cruising
Day 7 Cruising
Day 8 Galveston, Texas

Beautiful country with my husband and close friends? Yes please!

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Contemplative Vincent is Contemplative

Nothing new with the cats as of late. Life has seem to calmed down in fact. Everyone is getting along with everyone else. Something I never thought would happen.

Contemplative Vincent

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Crafting Monday – Inkle Woven Trim

A friend of mine asked for a woven mask tie so I have slowly been working on it. Normally these would take me a couple hours top but with my elbow messed up, it’s taking me a lot longer than that.

However, it looks gorgeous so I can’t complain too terribly much. :)

Rapier mash

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Wedding Bliss – Engagement Shoot

Yesterday I posted a behind the scenes picture from our engagement photo session on Sunday.

I had such a blast!  Jennifer from Full Bloom Studios was so much fun to work with and she immediately put me at ease. I forgot all about my uncomfortable issues with my body and being photographed.

Here are a couple of sneak peek she’s released. The rest I will have to wait for them to finish being processed but wow, I am just blown away!

Engagement Photo - B&W Kissing


Engagement Photo - Katy Smirk


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