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Wedding Bliss – Invitations

With the sudden move, there hasn’t been much in the way of wedding work being done.

However, since our friend Kellie has offered to do our wedding invitations for us, we did sit down with her last week and discuss the overall feel we would like in regard to colors and design. Pretty much just a brainstorming session but we should see a rough draft in the next week or so.

I am pretty excited!

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Adventures in Cat Trees

With the old place, we were constantly fighting with the cats using everything to sharpen their claws (well, Layla and Vincent. The others are declawed.  Yes, I know, they came to us that way.)

So we decided it was time to get them a cat tree to focus their shredding of all the things! And of course because this is me we are talking about, there was no way I was going to get one of those rinky dink base and post type trees. I wanted a CAT TREE. So off I go to shop around.

PetSmart and PetCo had some but they were kinda meh. Over $100 for ones that were barely, if at all, taller than I am and kinda unsturdy. That wasn’t going to work so off I go to Amazon and various online vendors. After doing a day of comparing, I finally decided on the Go Pet Club Cat Tree. I loved the look of it and the color was awesome. In reading the comments (I’m a HUGE comment reader), I was slightly concerned about the assembly but decided to take a chance. It was actually the only one that had the best rating despite all the negative remarks.

Thanks to Amazon Prime, 48 hours later, a HUGE box shows up at my door. I was so excited! But first, we needed to clear a space!

So we took to the living room (I’ll discuss that room in a later post) and reorganized things a bit so we could clear a space in corner for the tree.


We decided the corner of the living room by the window would be best because they could not only see outside but also see the rest of the house from an elevated spot. And the two walls would give the cat tree that much more support on the off chance that it wasn’t very sturdy.

With that out of the way, we started unpacking!  One of the main complaints was how nothing was labeled and it was very confusing to identify pieces so we addressed that by labeling them ourselves and sorting them out.

The various bolts and brackets

The various bolts and brackets

Labeled all the flat pieces

Labeled all the flat pieces

Identified all the posts and sorted by length

Identified all the posts and sorted by length

The cat houses were pretty easy to identify so we just used those as a table initially.

The cat houses were pretty easy to identify so we just used those as a table initially.

Meanwhile, Sadie supervises.


And now, the assembly begins!  I was in charge of handing pieces over and keeping morale up. It was at this point where I was getting really nervous. What piece wasn’t going to fit? What piece was going to be broken?

Legs being screwed into the first cat house.

Legs being screwed into the first cat house.

The second floor being attached to the base.

The second floor being attached to the base.

Second floor complete!

Second floor complete!

Third floor and second cat house attached!

Third floor and second cat house attached!

When it was done, I could harldly believe it!  No issues whatsoever!  Now we could slide it into place! Yay!


The first cat to come out and see what all the fuss was about was Vincent so I picked him up and placed him up on the top tier.


Yeah, we pretty much figured that was going to happen so before we got started, we moved the plant that was on that ledge. But as far as assembly goes, from start to finish, the whole thing took less than 45 minutes! As long as you take the time to identify your pieces and ensure you have everything, it should go pretty smoothly. So if you are looking for a cat tree, I highly recommend this one!


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My new crafting room and where have I been?!

I apologize for disappearing without notice but life took an interesting twist and we moved! Our previous living situation was turning into something that was not quite so pleasant to be around any longer so we decided to move.

We were very lucky to find a house that I absolutely adore. It has lots of space and it is just waiting for some color and for us to fill it with love. Instead of living in a sleepy suburb of Austin, we are now more in a sleepy suburb of San Antonio. But all in all, it’s a great location and I absolutely love it!

So let’s start the tour!

I’ll be posting about each room as I go along but for today, I want to show off the mess, I mean, the room that will be my crafting room as well as my work office.


It’s not a huge room but the space it provides will be great! And the amount of natural light it gets is absolutely wonderful! The brown shelf on the left of the picture will be sanded down and repainted. Kress painted it to have a more wood grain type look and I think it is way too dark. It needs to be lighter, brighter so I am hoping to sand it down and paint it within the next couple of weeks.  In the mean time, it’s playing the role of catch all while I unpack and get the room organized.

The table closest to the door is my desk. It’s a re-purposed drafting table and fits the bill perfectly!  I had to flip the pencil shelf since it stuck up a bit.


I found a clamp style desk organizer stuffed in a closet so I clamped that onto the back and voila, we have storage! The lamp actually belongs in the bedroom but for now, it was a safe place to put it so it didn’t get lost in the wrangling of the boxes. The bear is from Build-A-Bear that I picked up a few years ago. I fell in love with his lime green mohawk and just had to have it. So now he is my co-worker. The painting on the wall was a birthday present from my very talented friend, Kellie. I love all the colors and when I am having an incredibly frustrating day at work, I just take a break and study it for awhile.


The closet in this room is pretty awesome!  All of my SCA clothes and accouterments will live in here. I was hoping I could also house my crafting supplies and fabric but that is looking like it may very well not be the case as I keep unpacking fabric! I guess this means I should just get off my backside and start sewing! So this closet will be a work in progress as time goes on.

All in all though, I am pretty thrilled with the changes that have been going on and the promise of the future.

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Sasha Update

Last week Sasha saw her ophthalmologist (Yes, cats have ophthalmologists, go figure!) and we have a game plan. It’s not a cheap game plan, it actually looks like she may give Vincent’s vet bill a run for its money.

So now instead of two drops into her eye, she has to endure my putting a quarter inch line of ointment into her eye. Once the new drops show up, she’ll have to endure that.  She is going to go see her regular vet this week for a blood panel to see if she will be a candidate for surgery.

So until then, she is just being her regularly mopey self.


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Crafty Monday – T – Tunics!

I don’t have any pictures just yet but I have been working on some basic t-tunics for wearing around camp.  Since we are going into the winter months, I’ve made 6 out of some super soft fleece.  Since I want Kress and I to be able to both wear them, I am making them to his size. As long as they are not too long, they should fit me just fint.

I am not sure if am going to do anything more to them once I am done but pictures should be up soon!

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Wedding Dress Adventure!

The wedding dress shopping adventure was SO MUCH fun!

My girls and I had an appointment with Balla Saison in Austin, Texas. I was so nervous and scared all at the same time. I really had no idea what to expect.

As soon as we met Jessica, our bridal consultant, it was off to the races!  She gave us these huge rings with purple ribbon on them that we then go around and places on the hangers of the dresses. We found quite a few we liked and there was one that I wasn’t even all the way out of the dressing room before I was met with a chorus of ‘No’.

Unfortunately none of the dresses I was hoping to try on were in stock but Jessica tried her best to get me dresses that she thought I would like.  There was one dress she brought in that I was no sure about at all but since I had already told her I was willing to have an open mind, I tried it on.

I fell in love.  It is so not what I thought I was looking for but I love it!

Jessica put a veil on me but my girls took that off and put a large flower instead. Since we are looking at doing a spanish theme, that really completed the picture. So now I have to wait 6 – 8 weeks for my dress to come in and then we start with the measurements. In the meantime, I now have to find The Shoes to go with it.

Wish me luck!

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Poor Sasha :(

Sasha’s eye has been bothering her and I wasn’t sure if it was allergies but once gunk started appearing, off to the vet she went.

Turns out she has some kind of infection so she must now wear the cone of shame.

Sasha Cone


The most heart-breaking/amusing time is right after we give her the eye drops.  She will run off into the corner and sit like this for hours.

Sasha Hiding


Poor Sasha.  She has another Dr’s visit today so here is hoping we have some good news.

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