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Wedding Dress Adventure!

The wedding dress shopping adventure was SO MUCH fun!

My girls and I had an appointment with Balla Saison in Austin, Texas. I was so nervous and scared all at the same time. I really had no idea what to expect.

As soon as we met Jessica, our bridal consultant, it was off to the races!  She gave us these huge rings with purple ribbon on them that we then go around and places on the hangers of the dresses. We found quite a few we liked and there was one that I wasn’t even all the way out of the dressing room before I was met with a chorus of ‘No’.

Unfortunately none of the dresses I was hoping to try on were in stock but Jessica tried her best to get me dresses that she thought I would like.  There was one dress she brought in that I was no sure about at all but since I had already told her I was willing to have an open mind, I tried it on.

I fell in love.  It is so not what I thought I was looking for but I love it!

Jessica put a veil on me but my girls took that off and put a large flower instead. Since we are looking at doing a spanish theme, that really completed the picture. So now I have to wait 6 – 8 weeks for my dress to come in and then we start with the measurements. In the meantime, I now have to find The Shoes to go with it.

Wish me luck!

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Poor Sasha :(

Sasha’s eye has been bothering her and I wasn’t sure if it was allergies but once gunk started appearing, off to the vet she went.

Turns out she has some kind of infection so she must now wear the cone of shame.

Sasha Cone


The most heart-breaking/amusing time is right after we give her the eye drops.  She will run off into the corner and sit like this for hours.

Sasha Hiding


Poor Sasha.  She has another Dr’s visit today so here is hoping we have some good news.

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Crafty Monday – Part 1 of 2 Belt Commission

I have a commission list a mile long for some inkle belts so I will be posting these for some time now. 

This one is actually part 1 of 2. A squire in the SCA wanted his Knight’s colors within his own belt, so I warped that one up first.

I loved how the warped looked once it was done. I was really excited to weave this one and once I was done, I was so not disappointed. It is just gorgeous.

Part 2 will be the same colors however the green will be where the black is and the white where the red is with the red/black in the center. Unfortunately, I snapped the tension bar on my loom again so I am going to have to fix that (yet again) before I can get started.

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Kitty Snuggles, Best Snuggles

Vincent and I have not had a lot of snuggle time as of late, life has just been pretty hectic. So when he found me lounging on the couch, he plopped right down and we just laid together for a few hours while I binged on Scandal episodes. 

Love my little buddy. :)

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When Dogs and Cat Meet – An Adventure!

Last weekend, Kress and I dog sat for a friend of ours. He was going to be out of town for a few days and intended on putting Sadie in the backyard and have the neighbor come over and feed her twice a day. All in all, not a bad plan except this is Texas, in the middle of August when it is not only OMG hot but also fairly humid.

I was not having any of that. Sadie would just come home with me for the weekend.

Kress was on board with it but there was some concern regarding the cats. Not so much Sweet Pea, Evie or Sasha; they have lived with dogs before. Vincent and Layla, however, have only ever lived with one dog. That was Maggie, who was 17 years old and was mostly interested in sleeping. I was pretty sure Sadie with her big heart, happy tail and boundless energy was going to over….poorly.



Look at that face!  How can you just not want to just rub and snuggle with her! She is just such a sweet dog. She absolutely adores Kress and I. When we go to visit with our friend, Sadie is always ready to greet us and oh so welcoming. Bringing her into the house, we steeled ourselves for some massive amount of drama. When we walked in the door with her, Sweet Pea, Sasha and Evie just jumped off the couch and went into the bedroom to nap. Vincent was waiting by the front door as he usually does when he hears our car pull up.

When he laid eyes on Sadie, he backed up a few feet and then got all poofy and growly. But that was it, once he made his opinion known on the whole Sadie visit, things got pretty calm.

And then….

Layla Sadie


The face I will never forget. The moment Layla laid eyes on Sadie. You could fell the words “Oh helll naw!  What is this f%$ing thing doing here?!” Let me tell you, Layla’s little bed perch here, is right by my side of the bed. I was convinced I was going to wake up dead. CONVINCED!


However, it seems all my worries were for nothing. While Sadie was obviously interested and curious about the kitties, she pretty much left them alone. Vincent was the first to really accept her close to him, so much so that Sadie got to have a few good sniffs before Vincent said enough and walked away.

The night that Sadie left, I went to go check in on Layla, just to see how she was coping.

Layla Sadie Gone

Ahhh, all is right with the world again.

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Crafty Monday – Purple/Green/Mint Belt complete!

I finally got my loom fixed!  All it took was a trip to Home Depot and $6 worth of parts! Woot!  What impressed me most was I had an idea of what I needed to fix it and when I talked to one of the guys in the department, he confirmed what I was thinking. Yay for knowing what I am talking about!

So the belt I started a couple of weeks ago has finally been finished!  It is on its way to Canada to be gifted to someone very special. I can’t wait to hear how it goes over. 

Up next is actually a pair of belts. The request came in from a friend to make him one in his colors but with the colors of his knight down the center. Then I will make one in his Knights colors with his colors down the center. So while the pattern will be the same, the colors are reversed. It’s actually a very cool concept. I can’t wait to see how they come out!

Images of the warping will be up in the next couple weeks!


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Bridal Thursday – Wedding Dress Search 2014!

With the PA trip, all I wanted to get done was book the photographer and the venue. Once those were done, I just wanted to enjoy my trip since I knew the chaos would begin shortly after that. 

In a couple of weeks, my girls and I will be hitting two bridal salons. Bella Saison in the morning and David’s Bridal in the afternoon. I am hoping between the two, I can find something. With the venue being slightly quirky and a mid day event, I’m pretty sure a typical wedding dress is not going to be in order. Also, money. I would prefer to get away with a dress that is under $700. No idea if that is going to be feasible but that is the dream!

The one cool thing about Bella Saison is they carry a designer I really like: Mori Lee. Some of the designs are just breathtaking!

This duchess satin dress is currently my #1. I just love everything about it! It’s simple, clean and since I am doing something of a spanish theme, I bet a spanish shawl would look just stunning over it.


I could also forgo the spanish scarf and just rock some seriously awesome shoes with this beautiful organza hi low dress. Very feminine and pretty but I feel it’s may a tad too feminine for me. I would definitely have to see it on.


#3 on the list is another organza dress but it’s more a trumpet/mermaid style dress. What has me completely spellbound though is the neckline and sleeves. I just love how they add a soft, flowy feel the whole dress. Downside is I am not sure this would be ‘appropriate for a mid day wedding. Maybe a tad too formal?

Also, while I have an hourglass figure, I definitely have ‘junk in my trunk’ so I am afraid I would look too…weird in something this form fitting in the hip/leg torso.

#4 is a dress I am not too sure about at all but I love the flameco feel it has, which would go well with the overall feel of the wedding I am hoping to acheive and I could have an awesome pair of shoes to pair with it.

I haven’t really found anything on the David’s Bridal website that I am just fawning over but we shall see how this whole thing pans out.  Should be exciting! :D

Of the 4 I listed, which one is your favorite?

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