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Tax Day!

Today is probably one of the most dreaded days all year. But a few companies have some deals to help take the edge off. :)




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Wordless Wednesday – Puppy Love


Vincent and the Loom

Vincent loves when my loom is warped. He will sit here and look at the world through it all day long.

Maybe he was a criminal in a past feline life? :D

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Wordless Wednesday – Bloody Mary

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Dropkick Murphy Concert – Stubbs Austin, Tx

On March 1st, Dropkick Murphys came through Austin. I was so excited! They were one of Kress and mine’s first dates since he had never heard of them and they are one of my all time favorite bands. They are an American Celtic punk band out of Massachusetts and I try to catch them any time they are in the area. A taste of home, if you will.

A bit of a grainy pic but the two of us, waiting for the night to begin!

It was an awesome way to kick off the month of March! If you are looking to add a new band to your rotation, check them out. I highly recommend them. :)


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Wordless Wednesday – New Toy


I’m back!

I will have a more indepth post about my adventures last week but for now, I am just trying to get back into the groove of things.

I hope you all had a fantastic spring break!

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Gulf Wars 2014

Gulf Wars


Tomorrow morning, Kress and I head out for Gulf Wars!

It’s a week long SCA event that happens eveyr March in Lumberton, Miss. I have been waiting for this vacation for so long! I soooo need a break!

So with that being said, my blog will fall quiet until I get back. I will try to take lots of pics but truth be told, once the campsite is set up, I pretty much leave all technology behind. An electronics break, if you will. Sort of like my  own version of a reboot. ;)

I hope you have a great weekend, a fantastic week and see you on the flip side! :)


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SweetPea and Evie

Just in case there is a question, finding Sweetpea without Evie within inches is next to impossible. I cannot immediately recall ever seeing such a situation. They even eat, at the same time, out of the same bowl.

Regardless though, their friendship is something to behold. He is getting up there and sleeps pretty much all the time. Evie is there, snuggled against him, kneading his chest or cleaning his ears.

A friendship for the ages. :)

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Our cafe is pretty awesome. One of the pizzas a friend and I get to share is an Alfredo garlic sauce, with all the meats (except chicken), feta and white cheddar. NOMS!

You’re jealous. It’s okay!  ;)

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