Wordless Wednesday – Not The Best Idea

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The Neighbors

Vincent met one of the neighbors the other day.

It was quite the vocal experience. Whenever Vincent would look away, the cat would jump at the screen and set Vincent off again.

It was cute for a few minutes but then I had to intervene and shoo the cat away.

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SCA Recovery

Still no crafting, instead I am recouping from a fantastic weekend from Bryn Gwlad‘s baronial event.

I have also decided that my rapier fighting break is over. I took a hit to the ego about a year ago and I’ve been letting it keep me from fighting. That is over now, time to get back to it.

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Engagement Photos!

The rest of our engagement photos came in and I am so incredibly thrilled!

I am only going to post a couple of my favorites but if you are ever in the San Antonio area, you really need to call up Jennifer at Full Bloom Studios and book a session. She is a great person, fun to work with and works very hard to make sure you are comfortable and having a good time.



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Home is where the Tachikoma is


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Sweet Pea Loves Windows

The new house has a TON of windows!  I went around and counted. We have 22 floor to ceiling windows!  ALL THE LIGHT!

Of course, of those 22, only 7 open. How odd but hey, I’ll take it! Our last place only had 6 and they were the standard windows so this is very much an upgrade.

Sweet Pea has taken to sitting at one of the windows in the morning light and just staring out.  I finally caught him in one of his reflective moments. This was taken right before the cat tree was put in but he still finds a window sill for his daily sunbathing.

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No Crafting Week

I had all these plans!  I was going to sand and prime a bookshelf. I was going to sew sleeves and buttons on a doublet. I was going to organize my bedroom.


And then I ended up in the hospital with a cough so bad, it was getting increasingly harder to breathe.

So needless to say, not much got done last week. This week is going to be a whirlwind of activity getting ready for an event this weekend so I may not be able to get much done until next week.

Alas, I am going through crafting withdrawals!


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