Abraham Poodleman!

This has got to be one of my favorite puppies!


Abraham Poodleman is a standard size poodle which means he’s HUGE! I got to puppy sit him and his doggy brother this weekend while their humans were at an SCA event. He is such a cuddlebug. He was laying on the other end of the couch with me while I was watching the Game of Thrones marathon.

He was very disgruntled when I called him to take his picture. I got a long sigh afterwards before he put his head back down. :D

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Leather Quiver Progress

I finally found some time to work on my quiver!

I was able to put on the second coat of leather dye and I *love* it!  I didn’t want a bright red, more a deep burgandy and that is exactly what I got. The color is actually called Ox Blood, it looks a tad splotchy because it is. This was my first time dyeing leather so it is a work in progress. I wasn’t too terribly concerned with it being perfect so it is all good. :)



I was also able to put on the protective layer which is called Tan Cote. It is meant not only to seal the dye in so it doesn’t bleed all over everything but also meant to seal the leather itself. Especially since I didn’t dye the inside or edges.


You can certainly tell the difference between the treated and untreated. In the picture above, the piece on top is untreated. I ran out of tan cote before I was able to finish so I need to get over there this week and get some more. I am hoping to get started on assembly this week but I may have to put it aside to work on a brewing project. It’s been sitting since Jan and I need to get some bottles done so I can hand them off to the people who have asked for some.

Busy times! :)

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Bountiful Basket Co-Op

I have always heard of Bountiful Baskets but until recently, they did not service my area. I found out on a lark and luckily enough, just before the window closed to order a basket!

I wasn’t sure what to expect but I paid my $21.50 ($15 for the basket, $3 for first time basket set up and $3.50 handling fee) and waited for oh god early Saturday am (7am). The only thing I knew for a fact on my basket is that it would be 50% veggies and 50% fruit, past that, it’s anyone’s guess. You can add additional items to your basket, like pinto beans, or a salsa package (all the veggies to make a salsa), or even bread. All at an additional cost, of course. This being my first time, I decided to just get the basket so I could get an idea of what I was getting and could expect in the future.

Baskets start being handed out at 7am *sharp*. They stop anyone from getting into line at 7:20am. Missed your pick up? Too late, it will now be donated to a local food shelter. Which can be pretty harsh, I admit but I can also understand their point of view. This is a co-op, all run by volunteers to get as rock bottom prices from local farmers as possible.

Have you tried them? Interested in trying them out? Check out their facebook!



Chinese Laundry’s La Paz

Ya know, at first, I wasn’t sure about this little shoe but the more I look at it, the more I like it!


La Paz is designed by Chinese Laundry and features an adjustable ankle strap with buckle closure and covered 4 1/4″ stiletto heel. Given the elegant simplicity of these little gem, I could pair it with just about anything!

What do you think?

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Wordless Wednesday – Pretty Lipstick Day


Vincent and the Loom

Vincent loves when my loom is warped. He will sit here and look at the world through it all day long.

Maybe he was a criminal in a past feline life? :D

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The last week has been CRAZY! And as such, I have not worked at all on my leather quiver.

Lazy blogger is lazy!

However!  It is on my schedule this week so hopefully I should have some assembly pics to show next week!

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