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Wordless Wednesday – Naps

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Christmas Tree is up!

We decided to go with the artificial tree this year since we already had it and funds are a bit thin.  Next year though, we get a real one!

We waited until the housemate had his son visiting and then we decorated it. So much fun!

Even Sweet Pea approves! It’s his new napping spot. 😀

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Thanksgiving and Sweet Pea

Thanksgiving was so much fun here. We had our friend, Becca, over and it was just a weekend full of laughter. There are so many things to talk about but for now, I want to narrow it down to just Sweet Pea.

Man, he was ON for Thanksgiving. Not that I could blame him, from the moment I started cooking, the house just smelled fantastic. Sweet Pea is very seldom heard from, content to lay in an empty human bed and asleep. He is an old man after all, that and food time is all he is really interested in these days.

However, as soon as the turkey started emitting it’s wonderful aroma, he was in the kitchen, keeping tabs on everything. Once the timer went off, Sweet Pea ran over to let me know.  He was being so persistent, I managed to get an action shot.

Then came the carving of the turkey.

Sweet Pea

He never moved from the spot until we finally succumbed to the silent pleading and gave him a couple of pieces. Once that was done, he was content and off he went for his long overdue nap

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Kitty Tuesday – Evie and SweetPea

These two, I swear, I am not even sure what to think.

With Sweet Pea getting up there in age, I am concerned with how Evie will cope but in the meantime, I cherish the moments when I find them lost in a nap together.

Evie and Sweet Pea


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Crafting Monday – Lucet Cording

I learned how to do lucet cording several years ago but it was never something I did all of the time.

The one thing I really do enjoy about it is how simple it is to work. It travels pretty easy and can be put down and picked up with no thought whatsoever. The perfect fidget tool for those days when you find yourself waiting at the car dealership or the Doctor’s office.

With Operation Bliaut, we are going to need cording to lace up the sides so my goal is 6 yards of cording. So far to date. I just passed 2 yards. I am pretty pleased! However, I may need to redo it since I am not sure this is going to do the look I want but we won’t know that until we put it on the dress.

So meanwhile, I’ll just fidget and be productive!

Lucet Cording

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Wordless Wednesday – A New Hole In My Head


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Grumpy Sasha is Grumpy!

The look we get after Sasha has to take her medicine.

The good news is that her eye is improving quite a bit. It’s open all the time now and there is no discharge!  Yay! However, from the sounds of it, she will now be on thyroid meds for the rest of her life as she has hyperthyroidism. She weighs next to nothing despite eating all her food and whatever food the other cats leave.  We’ve even had to chase her off the dog’s food.

Fun times in this house, let me tell you!

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